Thursday, November 20, 2008

Slow editing of GeoNets on SQL Server 2008

I wanted to use SQL2008's new geometry data type, but geometric networks  that use this data type result in extremely slow editing.  I add a new feature in ArcMap (9.3 SP1) and I sit around for 20 seconds waiting for ArcMap to acknowledge my existence.

The same geometric network using esri's data type works fine, and is really quick.  I'm not expecting geometry to be as fast as esri's, but it should be closer than what I'm experiencing.  Statistics and indexes on sql server 2008 are good to go--if I could just use something other than ESRI ArcStuff, I wouldn't be posting!

It is an ESRI issue with an open incident.  But frustrating nonetheless.  I'm still working through it--I'll post updates.

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